Through the use of our tools, we create designs that meet our customer’s specifications and ensure the quality of the products we produce. 

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A Unique Advantage

Our problem solving capabilities offer our clients a unique advantage. Customers can benefit from our team approach in the initial product design to receive maximum value analysis. We advise our customers of possible areas for cost saving based on engineering changes, manufacturability, ease of assembly, and packaging. Our knowledge of the latest manufacturing techniques, materials, and finishes will continue to save our customers time and money. 

Certified through ISO 9001:2000 third party registration we use a design project management process which includes; advanced product quality planning, finite element analysis through the Spring Manufacture Institute’s advanced spring design software, design failure mode and effects analysis design validation, and AutoCAD R14.T.

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+1 (630) 543 7445

Downloadable/Printable ISO Certificate